Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Super flat ballerinas

Sea blue in Vancouver on the Pacific Ocean and Venezia on the Adriatic Sea, who would have known that it is the color in the mind of Marianna Giusti, the creative director for AGL’s next collection. While still in high school, Marianna had the luxury of having her sketches picked up by her father, made into prototypes and included in the collection – a designer was born then.

Started from Montegranaro Italy in 1958, three generations has inherited the art of shoes in AGL and three sisters now head the design team. The family, with its insistence on traditional craftsmanship and also modern technology, has brought purify, femininity, and audaciousness to its signature super flat ballerinas.

Perhaps it is the stunning architecture and history in Italy that provokes every bit of sensibility, the artisans at AGL create their work, with the most sumptuous “nappa” leather, from the state of the art facility to the world.