Friday, January 15, 2010

A Mad Tea Party at Six

Necklace designed by Tom Binns 

Urban Decay, The book of shadow

Having a perpetual tea party when the time stops? Is there anything more magically relaxing than that? How about attending a perpetual tea party, wearing the whimsical teacup necklace, and putting on the eye shadows, all inspired by Alice in Wonderland?

As the first in a cadre of top designers and brands participating in a program inspired by the much-anticipated Alice In Wonderland film, Tom Binns, the ideal opposite of minimalist, showed off his limited-edition collection of jewelry pieces.

Tom Binns

Stella McCartney for Disney, inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Stephen Jones wears a custom-made hat of his own design. Lacroix, as the March Hare.

Natalia Vodianova as Alice

Olivier Theyskens, in the guise of Carroll

Viktor & Rolf multilayered silk dress, stared as the Tweedle duo

Photo credit:Vogue

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Venetia Scott

Venetia Scott
Venetia Scott from the Sartorialist

Venetia Scott--The stylist, creative director for both lines at Marc Jacobs found magazines less and less interesting because of the advertisers' increasing influence over magazine editorials. Luckily, Marc Jacobs sees eye to eye with her that ad doesn't have to be about the product.

Marc Jacob's first ad featured Kim Gordon performing on stage after she was spotted wearing his dress on tour. How about that to start a campaign rather than models walking out in a dress? Since then, his ad campaign has always been more intrigued in what people do than what they look like.

Although the power of advertising forces editorials to reluctantly loose bargaining power-- as seen and disheartened by stylists like Venetia Scott, the boundary of ads and editorials, may just become more and more blurred.

I wonder what Kim Gordon plans to wear tomorrow at the Fillmore, San Francisco.

Reference: PoneyStep

Kim Gordon in Marc Jacobs' ad

Kim Gordon wearing a Marc Jacobs dress on stage