Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Drawing fashion

“Drawing Fashion” show (Nov3-Mar6 2011) at Design Museum in London

Back when the covers of magazines were not glossy with processed and polished headshots of celebrities, the marketing approach of fashion industry was centered on visual luxury and the form of art. Depicting from a turban by Paul Poiret to the simultaneous fashion by Sonia Delaunay, Lepape graced Vanity Fair and Vogue till the 30’s; Gruau’s Dior advertisement brought the “New Look” of the 40’s; and Antonio Lopez shows fashion the energy and movement of life in the 70s.

There are too many magazines printed now in a desperate attempt to keep readers’ interest, said Colin McDowell, who curates the “Drawing Fashion” show at Design Museum in London. Lacking the creative collaboration between fashion designers and the artists (The recent attempt of fashion and art team up at MoMA PS1 seems more appropriate for fast fashion at an amusement park.), the next New Look may have to wait much longer to come.

Lepape for Poiret

Lepape for Sonia Delaunay


René Gruau for Dior

Antonio Lopez: Joanne Landis Carnegie Hall Studio
New York Times Magazine (1967)

"Shanghai" exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, 2010