Friday, January 15, 2010

A Mad Tea Party at Six

Necklace designed by Tom Binns 

Urban Decay, The book of shadow

Having a perpetual tea party when the time stops? Is there anything more magically relaxing than that? How about attending a perpetual tea party, wearing the whimsical teacup necklace, and putting on the eye shadows, all inspired by Alice in Wonderland?

As the first in a cadre of top designers and brands participating in a program inspired by the much-anticipated Alice In Wonderland film, Tom Binns, the ideal opposite of minimalist, showed off his limited-edition collection of jewelry pieces.

Tom Binns

Stella McCartney for Disney, inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Stephen Jones wears a custom-made hat of his own design. Lacroix, as the March Hare.

Natalia Vodianova as Alice

Olivier Theyskens, in the guise of Carroll

Viktor & Rolf multilayered silk dress, stared as the Tweedle duo

Photo credit:Vogue


  1. how cute are they~
    how about we going for the movie together to celebrate our bdays? :)

  2. I love some of the reconstructed vintage necklaces from Tom Binns, very unique.

    BTW, it seems your bday is coming soon. I wish you and your friend a wonderful bday and may all your wishes come true! :-D

  3. C: What a great idea! I told my ld and he said:"my b-day is close too", haha

  4. Qiuyue:
    Thanks, it's actually not until March, when the movie comes out.
    Is yours coming soon too then?

  5. Anonymous1/23/2010

    The eyeshadow box looks so yummy~~~
    For your and Jiajia's coming birthday, I suggest other than going to that movie, you girls should plan a photo shoot series "Alice in Wonderland".
    I believe it will be as awesome as how you did last halloween!

  6. Bobo:
    Maybe you can suggest some ideas? Or even better, show us a East coast version!

  7. My B-day is in October, still 9 months to go. 555~~ hehe...

    BTW, you girls did a photo shoot? I want to see see! ^_*

  8. Qiuyue:

    We should have you as a stylist for the photo shoot :)

  9. Dear Yi, that would be an honor! I would LOVE to join your girls. heihei~~

    BTW, I posted two detail photos of my DIY pearl necklace( Hope it helps.

    Have a nice weekend! :-)

  10. Anonymous1/31/2010

    I think it will be a great idea that Qiuyue could be the stylist for the photo shoot!
    Qiuyue, you really have magical hands,admire admire admire <333
    Yi, red and blue are the first thing came to my mind, what do you think? Anyway,can't wait to see~~~ you will make it great!

  11. Bobcat, thanks dear, it would be my pleasure! Will you be the model then, beauty? ;-)

  12. Qiuyue, so sweet of you. I wish I could play with Yi & Cmajor, but we are kinda far away :(