Monday, April 12, 2010

Let the 80's stay in the 80's

Madonna and Maripol
Maripol rubber necklace, 1984
Maripol bobbypin necklace, 1984

“The 80’s never left”. Said Maripol, who styled Madonna with the black rubber bangles and cross earrings in her album "Like a Virgin". Maripol insisted casting Jean-Michel Basquiat in her first movie production Downtown 81(previously entitled New York Beat Movie), funded by Rizzoli publishing house, through Fiorucci. Downtown 81 seems to be more of an MTV than a documentary that features the New Wave/No Wave/punk music. Did the NY music scene of the 80’s influence the fashion trends or did the fashion trend inspire the musician’s style?  This might be a “Chicken or egg” question.

The jewelry worn by Madonna and Duran Duran, styled by Maripol became the signatures of the 80’s, but why not let them stay in that time capsule?

 Marc by Marc Jacobs collaboration with Maripol, 2010


  1. There is a famous "cheap Jack's vintage clothing" in NYC.The price is not cheap at all. They categorized the clothes according to the time, pretty fun to browse.It feels more like a clothing museum there.

  2. Definitely will check out the store when I have chance to! Wonder if the 90's will show up soon there too :)

  3. Love the title, hehe~~~ Not a fan of 80's fashion but I like the music from 80's! ;-)