Friday, September 3, 2010

Stay true to the spirit of traveling

to Prague and the marionettes

    Jan Svankmajer's Alice

 Milan Kundera

  The Kafka character in "Puppet Kafka"



  1. You got any marionette souvenir there?

  2. hehe, I bought one for my neighbor's kids. I can't play it well, it requires some practice~~

  3. I saw a lot of pretty masks selling in Venice, but I didn't buy any except a few mask key chains. I really regretted about it when I came back home:(

  4. You can't get too many considering you guys always go to the cool parties :)
    Reminded me this post:

  5. LOL..."In the garden, Alexander Wang’s gang is complete. He cracks everyone up with his disguise : no venetian mask, he’s wearing a… Ski mask. The kind you wear to rob banks."

    Thanks for sharing,Yi:D

    Check this out, that is the party they are talking about

  6. Yeah! I have never seen those pictures from the party before! Thank you soooooo much!