Thursday, January 20, 2011

Museum of Everything

Filled with eccentric pop-up collections including circus mirrors, Victorian taxidermy, and vintage dolls, Museum of Everything is a collection of disoriented curiosities, located in a quaint street in North London.

It is not hard to comprehend how Peter Blake’s trademark collage style would be a good paring of the visual aesthetic of the Museum collection. The objects in Peter Blake’s work--postcards, second-hand books, and illustrations from vintage children’s books, could easily blend in with the quirky surroundings in the Museum. 

It is, however, a little difficult to picture such a surreal collection to be the backdrop of Missoni’s fashion campaign. Angela Missoni brought in every member of the family, from 19 to 80, to model—the first fashion shot allowed in the Museum. Perhaps because of the kaleidoscope effects of the Missoni prints, or perhaps because of Juergen Teller, the Missoni models in multicolor chevron prints turned out to be properly dressed for the bizarre circus and fairground and the animals’ drinking parties in the Museum.

Pictures from NYTimes


  1. The last photo actually scared me a little bit, is that also Peter Blake's work? It is really QUIRKY~~~

  2. It is kinda scary, it's his collection in the exhibit.