Monday, April 4, 2011

I will never love you more than DVD's night with my girlfriend

I will never love you more than the drummer of flaming lips
I will never love you more than Woody Allen movies
I will never love you more than the White album of the Beatles
I will never love you more than God only knows

Rarely could fashion videos, in three minutes, convey a story that makes any sense, although trying to, let alone an intriguing story. (Refer to Miu Miu’s “Powder Room” and likes). The Kate Spade video is a pleasant exception, with the help of SoKo’s voice—like tumbling raw sugar, coarse yet sweet. The French chantuse SoKo does not have an album yet, but her song is inspiring the young poet in this Kate Spade video, as he types: “This is the story of a charming girl, she laughs out loud, sings off key”.

After Stella McCartney, Kate Spade wants their girls to be recognized just like the protagonist in many of SoKo’s songs: “she is quick and curious and playful and strong”. The video is beautifully made by Polish director Kinga Burza with a charming British actress. But Kate Spade  girls are not quite like what’s depicted in the video. Not because they can’t order a cocktail in six different languages. Not because they can’t lay on the floor covered by piles of books. Kate Spade girls are just not that distinctively recognizable yet. After all, to be understated may not come that easily. 

 From Kate Spade Video



  1. So lovely~~ I love everything about this KS commercial clip!

  2. Hope they have more like this :)
    At first I thought it's a Jcrew commercial.

  3. Love the girl holding a mini guitar. Beautiful shades of blue.

    Happy weekend!:)