Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Run for the Roses

Queen Elizabeth at the Derby, 2007
Photo credit: Huffington Post

The royal wedding in England is not the only occasion for dramatic formal headwear. On the first Saturday of May, Louisville, Kentucky will be a city where everybody's head turns for the Derby, and, for the fancy hats.

In the early days of the Derby, to find a lady without a hat on would have been considered a fashion faux pas. The Southern tradition of the hats with flamboyant embellishments including ribbons, feathers, and floral arrangements is not just a fashion statement. The traditional wide brim provides a relief from the sun in the hot days of Kentucky.

Make a mint julep by mixing fine Kentucky Bourbon with sugar, water and some fresh mint, served over crushed ice in a tall glass; wear a fancy, if not gaudy, headwear, you are officially the mad hatter of Run for the Roses. 


  1. Wish we had similar festival here too...
    The mint julep sounds like a perfect drink for hot weather like today!

  2. It's a perfect hot day for lemonade today too :)

  3. When I was watching the photos from the royal wedding, those hats reminded me of the post your wrote earlier. I really like the one on Victoria Beckham, although I know a lot of people don't like her.

  4. I like the one Victoria Beckham wore too. I think it is also from Philip Treacy, very modern and simple!