Friday, September 30, 2011

Gravity the Seducer


Every since Aganovich made their debut “Let’s Murder the Moonshine” in 2005, Aganovich & Yung back then, their runway show has been poetic, conceptual, and abstract. Sandwiched between well-known brands in fashion weeks in Paris and London, Aganovich, a newcomer full of theoretical inspirations, does not disappoint. From Italian Futurist F.T.Marinetti’s essay, to words from Jose Luis Borges stenciled in the bottom of runway board, Nana Aganovich translates the ideas into color palette, drapes, and texture.

Aganovich does not want to be labeled a “conceptual designer”. After all, to be conceptual and to be labeled conceptual is an oxymoron, isn’t it?

Ladytron does not like to be labeled either, to be labeled “electroclash”. None of the members of the quartet discusses meanings of their lyrics. Although disappointing, the songs are left imaginative -- abstract to be exact. Ladytron’s video and stage outfits present an eccentric and dark compassion, thanks to Aganovich’s dresses. When will Aganovich’s show have models striding electro pop with a collection entitled “Gravity the Seducer”?

Reference: Aganovich interview


 Aganovich SS2012

 Aganovich Spring 2012

 Aganovich dresses worn by Ladytron

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