Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Psycho Clowns

What style elements can you think of putting on to make a clown costume? We’ve seen, every November of the year, argyle, polka dots, and colors—lots of colors. And where does the fear of clowns come from, btw? What is scary could not possibly be the pleated collar of Bozo, or the bulbous nose of Weary Willie, or the black and red mask of Harlequin. It might not be just about how bizarre and grotesque the characters are, but the exaggeration and idiocy you may effortlessly identify through the white face.

The expansion of clown elements, imperceptibly, is not short of diversity, and sure won’t have much complaint for a cotton candy-like wig.

I wonder what Bozo would think looking at such an assortment of costumes in Comme des Garçons’s Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear. After the chiffon veils seen at the latest Fall 2009, here comes the cotton candy wig, much less creepy and much more silly.

No matter what the costumes mean to be—entertaining, or frightening, the best part of it—they are not afraid of the likelihood of being related to foolishness.


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