Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guerrilla marketing

Photo credit: Racked

Guerrilla marketing—catching consumers unaware through highly unconventional and sometimes shocking means—has brought lots of trouble to companies adopting it, including IBM in San Francisco and Microsoft in NYC. Just picture stickers of a company logo or graffiti painting that blanket city landmarks, it is fun for the viewers but intrude the public if not planned well.

Although claiming to use a guerrilla marketing campaign, Alexander Wang’s first Ad is much more mild than it sounds—putting up posters on the streets of NYC. Granted, not wasting the budget on the billboards or buses or magazines does fit the brand’s humble but urban style, but we expected it to be just a little bit grungier.

Reference: CNN

            Microsoft butterfly sticker for MSN compaign

Sony graffiti

IBM peace love and Linux


  1. If I owned that pizza place, I would be very glad lol~~~
    BTW,I don't need be anonymous any more, finally~~~ :P

  2. lol, the sony PSP graffiti are so cute~

  3. Bobo: Your profile picture of Faye Wang is so mesmerizing!

  4. C: yeah the drawing of the hands are cool:)

  5. I think they are all nice (except the boring Microsoft butterfly sticker, lol~~) Love the IBM one the most, cute, simple and yet powerful. :-)

  6. QY: IBM was fined according to what I read, hehe, I didn't know they had such a spirit :)