Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pants? No Pants?

Dockers ads for Super Bowl

No day is better than the “manliest” day in the American sports to launch a campaign targeting at men—men who had so much Pizza Hut that they need a new pair of khaki pants.
The song "I wear no pants" somehow does not seem to be fun as intended by Poxy Boggards when it was sung by a group of pantless men marching on a open field. Just when our level of tolerance is getting seriously challenged in front of the close-up whities, came with Dockers’ rescue: “Calling all men, it’s time to wear the pants”. Hewww, close call!

It must not be Dockers’ intention to insinuate their detest to woman’s new fashion trend—pantless look/panty bottoms. But it doesn’t hurt them to nip the trend in the bud in man’s world.

Carine Roitfeld's pantless look
Photo credit: NYmag

Lady Gaga
Photo credit: Fashionizing

pantless ensemble does not look bad at all on those long-leg girls


  1. Thanks for another interesting article!

    I've seen the photo of Carine Roitfeld wearing that pantless lace dress before, really not a fan. This is a trend I'll never follow, heihei. ^_^

  2. Let the negative hemlines stay on the runway, but some alternatives may work on the street, such as tighter and shorter shorts?

  3. lol, the pantless look should just stay on the runway or in the pool.