Friday, October 1, 2010

Fruit Faces

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Portraying the direction for his Z Spoke line, Zac Posen was never ambiguous-- “for the hipster who has grown up and gone to work”. The idiosyncratic, if not childish, illustration by Daisy de Villeneuve might help Zac Posen to bring out the little kooky sensibility from the bottom of the heart of those grown-ups.

The collaboration of Daisy de Villeneuve and Zac Posen resulted an off the wall S/S 2011 collection of Z Spoke. The communication between the British illustrator and the American designer must have gone well enough to shun any “he said, she said” moment.

Having Peter Blake as a family friend, is it possible that Daisy de Villeneuve, delivering Zac Posen’s idea of fruit faces with the distinctive felt-tip pen, was inspired by Sgt. Pepper’s faces?

 Photo credit: Vogue UK


  1. Fruit faces are kinda cute, hehe~~

  2. Yeah, I think it's a cute idea:)

  3. I met Zac Posen in FNO last month. He looks kinda catoonish to me, cute in a funny way.

  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I am jealous!
    I liked it that Z spoke has an exclusive deal with Saks now. Too bad it's only till next year.

  5. I didnt know it is only till next year, gonna go take a look@_@