Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Loss of Innocence

Following his Loss of Innocence collection, Kinder Aggugini was guilty as charged to inaugurate Macy’s designer collection February 2011.  Watch out Frankie Stein, you and your Monster High buddies no longer have the darkest outfits on the block.

Kinder Aggugini has taken little pretty children’s dresses, opened them up at the seams and inserted darker fabrics. He may have had Leigh Bowery’s performance on the mood board when choosing the macabre and juxtaposing fabrics.

Will Frankie Stein’s cut-out fabric be too unbearable for the lightness of the princess’s dresses? Or will the doll spring dresses be too innocent for the Monster High society?

Kinder Aggugini's S2010 collection
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  1. The long cold winter has not even started yet, your post already made me look forward to the warm spring. I really like the baby blue one (the second one from the bottom).

  2. That's marvelous idea. I always wish I had a piece of childhood innocence with me no matter how old i get. :)

  3. Wave: cold winter is a good time for layers :)

  4. C: Don't throw away child outfit! :)

  5. What a creative idea! I am just wondering if this has something to do with the designer's name. Kinder means children in German, heihei...

  6. Kinder, yeah, what a coincidence!

  7. Those outfits are great but the asymmetrical shoes really subtract from the total look- like the designer gave up at 90% completion. Put those girls in some big clunky bright colored high top basketball shoes.

    like this for the last look:

    Matchy-match is forward.