Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Single Man

Tom Ford, with his notoriously provocative advertising campaigns, was not known for his subtlety—the exact reason why his call to Colin Firth, the Mr. Darcy, could have easily been mistaken for a Vanity Fair project photo shoot. But when Firth read the script of “A single man”, he was convinced it was not a series of visual delights, but a story important for Ford.

Receiving rave reviews at a preview screening at the Venice Film Fest, this first movie attempt by Tom Ford was adapted from Christopher Isherwood's novel A Single Man, written in 1964, praised at the time for its artistry but also denounced for its then unpalatable subject matter.

Another cast member who gets a good grasp of the script, and maybe a good chance for her supporting role in the Oscar is Julianne Moore. I would imagine that it helps to gain a fine understanding of “Mrs. Dalloway” in “The Hours” about Virginia Woolf, who applauded Mr. Isherwood “the great hope of English letters.” Julianne Moore wears one black and white long gown that is so Los Angeles in the 1960’s, designed by Arianne Phillips, the Oscar-nominated Costume Designer for “Walk The Line” and Madonna’s stylist. “Costumes inform character, help underscore and illustrate mood, tone, and texture.” She was flattered to be the chosen costume designer by Ford.

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