Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waist vs. Butt

Alber Elbaz's style: the black suit along with a silk bowtie and black rectangular glasses.

We can already guess who may not be interested in the movie in the last post. On his ouster from Yves Saint Laurent by Gucci Group in 2000, Alber Elbaz said "Some people had a different perception of my work, or thought that a designer should be more handsome or more out there, which is not my story." Elbaz is known for his fashion philosophy —the elegant simplicity of a Lanvin dress or skirt or sweater should last for many seasons.

We also know who sure doesn’t think it’s cool to flaunt. Elbaz doesn’t want to define trends; he wants his designs to be timeless, perfectly resonated in the logo of Lanvin—a mother and daughter holding hands. Elbaz can’t bear the word sexy anymore; he wants to bring beauty back to fashion. Elbaz doesn’t begin designing a dress with the butt, but with the waist, where he sees as the most important part of a woman’s body.

For Alber Elbaz, the beauty of the Lanvin job lay in the lack of image, when a Taiwanese publishing magnate, Shaw-Lan Wang, bought Lanvin from L’Oréal in 2001.When Elbaz left Israel, he dropped the ‘t’ from his first name. In Judaism, if you change your name, you change your destiny. At Lanvin, the world’s oldest running couture fashion house, he is changing its destiny, quietly, with his own vision.



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    I somehow agree that waist is more important than butt in the world of fashion.

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