Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dressed up for summer 2010

Fashion journalist Agnès Boulard in the movie

It is the time of the year when movies try to nudge into various rankings. Director Loïc Prigent did not have the rankings in his mind shooting HABILLÉES POUR L’ÉTÉ 2010 (DRESSED UP FOR SUMMER 2010). The movie chronicles Agnès Boulard (better known by her TV pseudonym, Mademoiselle Agnès) catching the runway shows, or rather contemplating which one to choose. Agnès yawns and whistles while sitting front row at all the shows, and does swine-flue kisses.

The documentary build around the premise that Paris isn’t doing enough to support its emerging design talent. Anna Wintour seems to be touted for the effort of promoting the young designers in the U.S—hence the questioning of what French or Italian Vogue has done for the new. But if only magazines with wider and wider volume as the most proud feature are seen as the way of promoting the burgeoning names in fashion, wont’ the names make it faster to the airport dumpsters than to the mass’s purchasing lists? Or maybe reaching to the mass is not necessarily the ultimate goal of some designers, just like the release of this documentary?

Anyway, color, joy, fashion, and fun—the key words for Marc Jacob’s collection, are what the New Year looks forward to.


Chanel showcase

Left, Agnès Boulard as Anna Wintour at the Lanvin show in 2008. 
Right, the real Agnès Boulard.
Source: nytimes 

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