Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Window Display

Photo credit: racked.com

The swan has paddled away, the rat has been dizzy spinning in the hamster wheel, the pink cow ghost is mooing over the Warhol-ed out Marc photo, and Pepe Le Pew ran for some deodorant. Now it’s time for polar bears and penguins to finally meet in the Marc by Marc Jacobs holiday window display this year. 

Having been in a polar bear costume himself, Marc Jacobs didn’t forego the opportunity to collaborate with The Climate Project (TCP)—dressing up the polar bears with holiday red scarves and hats. Only that the drop of tear is a bit overkill.

photo credit: casasugar.com


  1. Interesting, is it his idea to put his own potrait in the window? ;-) Love the last picture.

    Have a nice weekend! ^_^

  2. Anonymous12/10/2009


  3. Qiuyue:

    Yeah, it seems like it. It's a picture of him paying tribute to Andy Warhol turning 80 last year.

  4. Bobcat:

    The NYC store looks like a lot of fun! Let me know when you go there next time :)

  5. I see, thanks for the explanation. When I first saw the picture, I was like: wow, how narcissistic is he?! hehe~~

    Good to know it is actually a tribute to Warhol. ;-)

    P.S. Waves to Bobcat! Long time no see, hehe~~